30 May

Dogs are essential pets at home that since time immemorial have been kept at home.  Dogs are kept home for security purposes as well as protection. Some dog breeds such as German Shepherd are kept for military purposes by soldiers and police, especially for drug sniffing. If you want your dog to perform its duty well, it should be healthy. Proper feeding of the dog keeps it healthy. It is crucial to understand that dogs require more protein than humans. It is surprising that protein has not been the target of dog food. Some people prefer feeding the dogs with buttermilk, oats, potatoes, animal fat and whole grains. Duck treats are an excellent choice if you want to feed your dog with enough proteins. Duck treats contain the high amounts of essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the body of the dogs. These amino acids are important for the development of the dog. Dog treats are also said to contain a lot of essential minerals such as copper minerals that maintain both mental and physical health of a dog. The copper minerals in the duck treats help to reduce bad cholesterol as well as elevating good cholesterol in the body of a dog. The dog is, therefore, less likely going to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.  Visit this helpful link.

Instead of feeding your dog with other fatty products such as buttermilk and cheese, you can give it duck treats that contain fatty acids that can help your dog increase body weight naturally, quickly and healthy.  It is, however, important to feed the dog with right proportions of the duck treats so that the dog does not become overweight. Dogs need functional muscles to perform their responsibility. Duck treats contain sodium that nourishes dog muscles to ensure maximal performance. Duck treats contain high fatty acids which are vital in helping keep the dog's body temperature warm. Commercially prepared duck treats are also ideal as dog foods. You should choose the duck treats that do not contain additives, preservatives, flavors or even colors as they may be allergic to the dogs. These commercially prepared duck treats are good for adult dogs and large breeds. They should not be fed to toy dogs or puppies less than one year of age. It is advisable to read the labels well to find out if the commercially prepared duck treat you are buying is allergic to your dog. Natural duck meat for dog is one of the few types of meals that are not allergic to dogs. Keep your pet healthy by putting duck treat as part of the meal budget. For more info, visit - betsyfarms.com

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